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Snake Catcher & Bird Removal Services

Snake Catcher & Bird Removal Services

Snake & Bird removal service

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich Snake Catcher Services Call 1300 228 244 

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich Bird Removal Services Call 1300 228 244

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If you have any concerns at all regarding a snake on your property. Call your local snake catcher now on
1300 228 244.

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For all dangerous or destructive bird concerns. Call your local Bird removal specialist now on
1300 228 244.

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich Snake Catcher services.

If you’re in need of a Snake catcher Brisbane or Gold Coast snake catcher we have the team at 1300Catchit 1300 228 244 to service your immediate needs 24 hours 7 days a week. Apart from being a licensed Brisbane Snake Catcher, our services extend to our snake catcher Gold Coast team and our consultants in Ipswich..

Eastern Brown snake released by snake catcherWith its recent change in ownership and management 1300 Catchit now provides ready access to Queensland’s, in fact Australia’s largest team of snake handlers so all you need to do is dial one number no matter where you are in North Brisbane, Brisbane metro, Western Suburbs, Logan, Ipswich or the Gold Coast! We’ve got South East Qld covered!

1300 Catch It understand that many people have a genuine fear of snakes and the need for expert assistance is what they require any time of day or night. Most snakes encountered are non-venomous but can still deliver a painful bite and present risk to your pets – which makes a highly experienced snake catcher the best and safest option if you find a snake on your property. 1300 Catchit handlers are long term experienced snake handling professionals with thousands of captures behind each of our handlers.

Need snake identification from anywhere in Australia? Send your image for snake id and we will get a response to you. Best approach is if you take a clear picture at safe distance and upload with your locality details in the email.
If you are in Brisbane, Gold Coast Logan or Ipswich it is always advised to call through to 1300 Catch It in case your in need of a snake removal fast. Our team of snake catchers are based from North Brisbane west to Ipswich and south to the border include all Gold Coast and Hinterland areas.

Our services not only include on call snake removal but also safety audits in and around work places, roof and yard inspections. We service businesses as well as residential properties and hold all relevant state permits and are fully insured.

Please keep pets inside if you spot any kind of snake nearby and call 1300 Catch It for handling/removing/relocating the snakes.
Remember venomous snakes can kill!

For more information of our local snake visit our Identify a snake page alternatively you may like to visit Wildlifeqld.com.au for more snake species and information on snakes of South East Queensland.

Bird removal services Brisbane, Gold Coast Logan and Ipswich.

Magpie on grassThe team at 1300 Catchit 1300 228 244 consists of specialist bird catchers dealing with potentially dangerous and destructive birds. Birds often deemed as presenting high risk with regards to human safety include the iconic Australian Magpie, Grey Butcherbird, Pied Butcherbird, Masked Lapwing, (often referred to as a Plover), Mudlark and the Noisy Miner. The well known Scrub turkey or Brush Turkey as its often referred to can cause considerable damage by default when constructing its mounds within suburban backyards or sensitive areas.

Some of our Brisbane bird removal and Gold Coast bird removal operators have been operating across South East Qld for as far back as 1995 and have a detailed understanding of the ecology and subsequent humane trapping methodologies required to capture a range of problem bird species.

We offer critical assessment in line with strict conditions when appraising swooping bird situations and look to resolve the situation with respect to both human safety and the welfare of the birds concerned.

You can find additional useful information on problem bird species at wildlifeqld.com.au

Contact us on 1300 Catchit 1300 228 244