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How much does it cost to relocate a snake?

The cost to relocate snakes can vary depending on the time of day and weekdays as opposed to weekends. To ensure an accurate quotation simply call when you have a snake and we can provide you with an all inclusive fixed fee for your particular circumstances.

Does the council send out some one for free?

This is the most frequently asked question we get and the answer is simply No. Not all people are inconvenienced or concerned by snakes therefore rate payers are not seen to be liable for such a service. This would hardly equate to a fair system when those renting aren’t subject to council rates charges. It’s a user pays system just like the vast majority of services you may engage around a home or business.

Can I remove the snake myself?

Any interference with a snake is deemed unlawful without the relevant state government endorsed permit. This is not only for the welfare of snakes but also the welfare of the people interacting with them. Better to have an experienced snake catcher remove your snake than risk a bite.

Are there many deaths in Australia from snake bites?

Not for humans – an average of 3 people die every year from snake bite in Australia.
However around 3000 snake bites are reported annually and apart from a potentially lengthy hospital stay, the ongoing treatment and effect after a venomous snake bite can be debilitating. Dogs and cats however regularly succumb to snake bite however far more snakes die from animal attack rather than the other way around.

Do we have venomous snakes in Brisbane?

Yes! And plenty of our snake catcher call outs include the Eastern Brown Snake, Red Bellied Black Snake and Yellow faced Whip Snakes in all suburbs throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan.

Do you do roof searches?

Yes we do. We do have some constraints on roof access due to OH&S legislation here in Qld and the safety of our staff is our principal priority. Ceiling voids with the presence or previous presence of asbestos will not be entered. We may also ask you to temporarily switch of the power to your home to comply with the relevant safety standards for roof entry.

Under what conditions will you attend a call out?

Where you perceive a threat or potential threat to yourself, your family or your pets our snake catchers are more than willing to assist 24 hrs 7 days a week.

We are always happy to assist through our 24/7 hotline- 1300 catch it (1300 228 244).

What should I do if I find a snake on my premises?

Have someone keep a watchful eye on the snake whilst someone else grabs the phone. The observer should attempt to take a photo at a safe distance in case the snake disappears. In this case we can at least give you a positive ID and hopefully peace of mind regarding that particular species. If the snake’s in a room we suggest maintaining a constant watch on it from the open door. In the event your not comfortable doing this, shut the door and place a damp towel underneath the door in order to prevent it escaping. Place some heavy items such as books or pavers behind the towel to avoid the snake leaving that room

Then simply call 1300 catch it (1300 228 244) and we will send our closest available snake catcher to relocate the snake.