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Brown Tree Snake

Brown Tree Snake

The Brown Tree (Boiga irregularis) snake is widely regarded as a mildly venomous snake. Being a colubrid snake the fangs are situated at the rear of their mouth.


As a maximum size, the long and slender Brown Tree snake can be up to 2 metres in length. Colour varies from a lightly patterned brown to yellowish/green or even beige, with ragged-edged, darker cross bands on the back and sides (Eastern Australia). The head is quite large in relation to their body with a narrow neck and large eyes.


A nervous snake which will readily defend itself when threatened, they tend to strike repeatedly. The brown tree snake is a nocturnal snake but can be seen hunting during the day within heavy vegetation or structures.


Have been observed taking roosting birds of branches, they will also take reptiles, frogs

Distribution and Habitat

Found in coastal and sub-coastal northern and eastern Australia, south to Sydney region, the Brown Tree snake is patchily distributed within the suburbs of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich and is more associated with outer suburbs .