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Carpet Python

Carpet Python

The Coastal Carpet Pythons (Morelia spilota mcdowelli) is the most commonly encountered snake throughout Brisbane. This slow moving python is non-venomous and due to its large size and success in even the very inner city, is regularly seen.


Carpet snakes vary greatly in colour and pattern. Adults are mostly olive green, with pale, dark-edged blotches, stripes or cross-bands. Juveniles often present with shades of brown with similar patterns. This species is our largest local snake and can grow to more than 3 metres in length.


Generally placid, Carpet Pythons can deliver a nasty bite if frightened or disturbed. They hunt their prey by incorporating both active foraging and ambush predatory methods. The latter id the more frequently used technique.


Carpet pythons are highly efficient hunters of small to medium sized mammals, birds and occasionally lizards. Sadly, many of our call outs involve chicken coups and guinea pig cages where the snake has managed to get inside, take his prey and become stuck due to their increased stomach size.

Distribution and Habitat

All suburbs of Brisbane Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich. The Carpet Python can be found in all structures and environs in the suburban landscape. They are mainly active at night although they are often seen basking in the sun, especially after rainy periods. Its been estimated that up to 50% of households have a python living within the confines of Brisbane properties. Do you need a python removed from your property in Brisbane? Call us at 1300 228 244 for our snake catcher service in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich.