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Eastern Brown Snake

Eastern Brown Snake

The Eastern Brown Snake(Pseudonaja textilis) is Australia’s second most venomous snake. When approached they are quick to retreat however an intimidated Eastern Brown Snake will respond with a dramatic defensive posture and will bite if pushed.
Bites from this species should illicit immediate first aid treatment and 000 called.


Adult Eastern Brown snakes can vary in colour. They are usually a uniform shade of brown with various patterns including speckles and bands, ranging from a very pale fawn colour through orange, silver, yellow and grey, to black.
Juveniles can be banded and have a black head, with a lighter band behind, a black nape, and numerous red-brown spots on the belly.

This species has an average length of 1.1–1.5 m (3.6–5 ft). The maximum recorded size for the species is 2.4 m (7.9 ft). Large eastern brown snakes are often confused with King Brown snakes (Pseudechis australis), as they share habitat in many areas.


he Eastern Brown snake is active during the day and is known for its speed and agility. When agitated, they hold their necks high, appearing in an upright S-shape. The snake usually seeks to flee when confronted, though it can be highly defensive if provoked.


Primarily small mammals (rats, mice etc), lizards and occasionally frogs.

Distribution and Habitat

The Eastern Brown snake is found all the way along the East coast of Australia, from Cape York, along the coasts and inland ranges of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Often encountered throughout south eastern Queensland including the Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich areas. They are very common in cleared land and grazing land bordering towns and cities. Because of their mainly rodent diet, they are often found near houses and on residential properties where animal feed is stored.

1300 Catch it Snake catcher get the most frequent call outs for Eastern Brown snakes in the Brisbane suburbs of Brendale, Pinkenba, The Gap, Wacol and Rocklea. All Ipswich and Logan suburbs feature the species readily. On the Gold Coast Yatala, Ormeau, Coomera, Mudgeeraba and Tallai all see regular captures.