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Small-eyed Snake

Small-eyed Snake

The Small-eyed snake (Cryptophis nigrescens) is regarded as dangerously venomous having claimed one recorded fatality. This snake is secretive and nocturnal and can occur in large numbers despite its cryptic nature..


Often confused with the Red-bellied Black snake, the Small-eyed snake has a similar glossy dark grey to black back. Its belly is commonly pink with a line of dark grey spots, and can be cream with grey blotches. It has small black eyes and grows to up to one metre.


Active by night they like to find shelter beneath rocks, logs and bark of fallen trees during the day. Although the Small-eyed snake might thrash around when disturbed, it is generally a reluctant biter.


The Small-eyed snake feeds on lizards and their eggs, small snakes and occasionally frogs.

Distribution and Habitat

Found in eastern Australia, from southern Cape York Peninsula (Queensland) south to Victoria. The Small-eyed snake lives in rainforests, wet and dry eucalypt forests and heaths, agricultural and grazing lands. This species is common in suburban Brisbane enjoying our well-mulched, well-watered gardens.