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Snake Safety

Snake Safety around the home and garden

Unfortunately, many people see snakes as a potentially harmful inclusion to their back yard fauna. When viewed in a rational sense this couldn’t be further from the truth! Snakes by nature are quite passive animals that are easily intimidated due to their size and reduced ability for sustained rapid movement. All snakes, when given the opportunity, will first choose to retreat out of your relatively imposing way, rather than promote an interaction where a bite is there last means of defence. 95% of bites occurring when people try to catch and kill snakes which inadvertently means it is our decision making regarding snake interaction that actually causes the conflict. .

1300 Catch It snake catcher understands not everyone has a well rounded understanding of snakes and that the fear of snakes is genuine to many. We endeavour to complete our service with compassion, providing information to make your experience as least traumatising as possible. We pride ourselves on being able to not only remove the snake as quickly as possible but to provide information that will bring about an intimacy between you and these often maligned animals.

If you feel there’s a safety concern for you, your family or pets – please phone 1300 Catch It immediately and try to keep an eye on where the snake is at all times. For more snake information go to wildlifeqld

We always recommend taking a photo if possible, so that we can give you an ID in the case of it disappearing before we get there.

Precautions you can take to minimise the likelihood of snake encounters around your home: 

Snake Safety 1

Snake Safety In the garden

Snakes don’t like large open spaces where they cannot hide or seek shelter.

  • Keep grass short and maintained
  • Position garden beds away from the house.
  • Lop trees around your house so that the branches are not in contact with the roof.
  • Don’t keep pet food outside, as it will attract rodents.
  • Rock walls with gaps are a great resting place for snakes.
Snake Safety 2

Snake Safety with Compost & Timber Piles

Snakes often target compost piles for egg deposition sites and the food scraps attract rodents.

A timber pile offers snakes many options for refuge

  • Keep compost in a bin with a lid on.
  • Stack timber piles neatly and away from the house.
  • The less places for snakes to hide, the better.
  • Timber piles offer rodents a safe place giving the snake the option of an easy meal.
Snake Safety 3

Snake Safety around Chicken coops, aviaries & guinea pig cages

Unfortunately we get call outs every week from pet owners that have found a python in their aviary, coup or cage after consuming the occupants.

  • Outside pets are quite vulnerable to free ranging snakes.
  • its important to secure your pets such as birds and Guinea Pigs in cages with small gauged wire. Something the equivalent of mouse wire would suffice
  • Aviaries are notorious for attracting rodents which in turn bring snakes in proximity to your pets.
Snake Safety 4

Snake Safety Indoors

Check all doors and windows for possible holes (snakes can squeeze themselves through very small gaps).

  • Block any cracks in walls leading to the outside.
  • If you find a snake inside a room, keep a close eye on it – call 1300 Catch It.
  • Many households have pythons living in their roof, as long as you don’t have any entry points from there into your house, you need not worry!
  • Pythons do a great job of hunting down rats and possums that may be in your roof and they are much quieter.